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Chinese university representatives visit UnB to learn about agricultural development technologies

In September 2023, an MoU establishing a cooperation for a Brazil-China center for research, development, and technology production in mechanization of family agriculture was signed by the University of Brasilia (UnB) and China Agricultural University (CAU).The International Association for Popular Cooperation, Baobab, has established a broader agreement between the countries for economic development and technological collaboration, which includes this particular activity.

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Cooperation in Agricultural Technology between China and Argentina: A pact to improve production and wellbeing of farmers

On January 11, 2024, a cooperation agreement between Argentina and China took place. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding covers areas of cooperation such as genetic improvement, biological inputs, agricultural machinery and equipment, education and training. It aims to outline a concrete work agenda for the development and access to technology for small agricultural producers.

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Urban Agriculture

The development of agriculture is directly related to urbanisation and life in cities. During the 20th century, Urban Agriculture (UA) experiences gained prominence in different historical and geographical contexts, especially after the Second World War. What are these experiences about and how are they linked to food sovereignty?

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Agroforestry - Agroforestry Systems

Agroforestry systems (AFS) take advantage of land use to combine various agricultural crops and/or animals with forest species. A practice commonly found in family farming, it reconciles increased productivity and profitability with environmental protection and improved quality of life for rural populations, promoting sustainable agricultural development.

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Agroecology Upholds Environmental Justice and Food Sovereignty

The history of agroecology is interwoven with the development of agriculture and the domestication of plants and animals. According to Alteri (1995) [1], agroecology is practised globally using indigenous tribal knowledge close to nature. Some have long associated agroecology with conventional farming practices, however, these positions are imperfect. In my opinion, it is built on indigenous tribal wisdom and integrates all the knowledge that has been collected since the beginning of agriculture, nearly 10,000 years.

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November, black awareness month in Brazil

The month of November is known as "Black November" in Brazil because of Black Consciousness Day, celebrated on the 20th. It's a time when the fight against racism, the struggle for land, the feminist struggle and in defence of human rights are reinforced, while at the same time the profound social inequalities are highlighted, particularly due to racial issues. In Brazil, more than 56 per cent of the population claim to be black or brown, according to IBGE data from 2022. Despite the low representation in all layers of government and in senior positions in the public and private labour market, the work of black Brazilians has been gaining more prominence nationally and internationally. In this article, we provide a brief historical context for the important date of 20 November, briefly exposing racism in the country and telling you a little about black representation in Brazil.

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The illegal city: solving by knowing

In this article, the author details the Brazilian experience and points out that the relationship between habitat and violence is given by territorial segregation. Entire regions are occupied illegally, which coexists with illegality in conflict resolution: there is no law, no formal judgements, no state. This illegality is not the result of a confrontational attitude towards legislation, but rather the result of a lack of options. Solving this issue constitutes an important step to mitigate Brazilian social inequality in urban spaces.

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Deforestation in the Atlantic Forest falls by 42%

Deforestation in the Atlantic Forest fell by 42% in the first five months of this year, according to a new bulletin from the Deforestation Alert System (SAD), a partnership between the SOS Atlantic Forest Foundation, Arcplan and MapBiomas.